Motivational Speaking

The man who swam the Amazon River, Martin Strel, is also a public motivational/keynote speaker.

Martin is a man of action in the water and his unique swimming challenges are the inspiration to many people around the world. No man in the history of long distance swimming has done what Martin has done. He drives himself beyond the limits, always looking for new, breath-taking extreme challenges.
When you see Martin Strel live on the stage, you won´t believe he is a swimmer. He looks more like a bear, but after his speaking/acting performance you´ll understand why he has become known as ´Big River Man´.

Martin speaks about extreme Mental and Physical Preparation, Power of Mind, Motivation, Endurance, Goal Setting, Determination, Team Work and Water & Environmental Issues. He integrates stories from his own experiences and achievements to illustrate two important messages: “No one knows your capability as well as you do” and “Only you know how far you can go.” He explains how he mentally prepares himself for his feats and turns his dreams into reality by never giving up. His big river journeys are mostly the journeys of his mind. Lastly, you´ll understand what makes him to do it all over again, even if it´s deadly dangerous.

Client Comments

“We really enjoyed Martin’s presentation and speaking. His physical and mental challenges are incredible and he was a great inspiration for us.”
HSBC bank HQ, London

Thank you Martin for your invaluable contribution to our recent Water Campaign at Bloomberg. Our audience was extremely moved and inspired by your tales and achievements. We were also able to learn about what we can do to protect world’s rivers.
Bloomberg, New York 

“We were very inspired by Martin Strel, The Big River Man! He speaks from his heart with passion and enthusiasm to what his does. Awesome!”
Institute at the Golden Gate, CA, USA

“Focused and friendly, those are just two of the characteristics that Martin has in abundance. He has a way to put people at ease, while also entertaining them with his exploits and inspiring them how he goes about realizing his dreams.”
Steven Munatones, founder, Open Water Source

“One could argue that all the big ones have been done: discover America: Chistopher Columbus, first man to the South Pole: Roald Amundsen, first man to walk on the moon: Neil Armstrong…
and the first man to swim the Danube river, the Missisippi River, the Yangtze River and most famously the Amazon River? Martin Strel.”
Lost swimming Club, Toronto (Oakville), Canada

“Very, very inspiring! Planet needs more people like Martin Strel.”
St.Cloud University , MN, USA

“Martins stories of swimming the Amazon are some of the most fascinating tales I have ever heard.”
Will Steger, legendary polar explorer

“When Martin talks about swimming he describes the south-east headwind he had on the Mississippi as “like a hammer on the head”, then he thumps his forehead with his fist to show what he means.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“The two main reasons why we invited Martin are; a clearly defined goal and the great team(s) he has around. This is essential for the final goal.”
Andreas Seeger, Senior Vice President DTAG Account, T-Systems Germany

“The presentation has made a strong effect on me, it was felt all the intensity of
martin´s feelings while he was telling us stories about his challenge.”
Roger Schmidbauer, Marketing and Communication department, T-Systems

“I loved the presentation. It was amazing, very inspirational. Martin is a very down-to earth individual. No ego!”
Tom Atkins, Technical manager, T-Mobile Washington